Sponsor Load In

CHECK IN – will be in the BLUE LOT. (not the red lot)

Use the GPS coordinates for: 

4469 Stella Dr. N.W. Atlanta, GA 30327

4494 Stella Drive N.W, Atlanta, GA 30327 (this will put you directly in front of the parking lot)

4437 Stella Drive N.W, Atlanta, GA 30327 (this will put you directly in front of the blue parking lot)

Simply look for the RV with Artist Check-In.

Friday from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Artists may arrive anytime during these hours to check-in and set up. 

Proceed forward to Check-In, which will be located inside an RV. The Artist MUST be present, absolutely no representatives.

Please, only one artist in the RV at a time. Bring your Identification, your tag number for your automobile and if you have a trailer the tag number for your trailer also. 

If you have TWO vehicles (ONLY ONE is PERMITTED in at a time). It is up to you to coordinate. 

Drive to your booth to unload and move your vehicle as quickly as possible. Parking is outside the park in public parking (on the streets). Return to your booth to set up. 

Artists will be able to unload near their booth during set-up and tear down. Artists can load-in only during the designated times and must check-in with a photo ID. The lane of traffic where the festival takes place is only wide enough for one vehicle. Therefore, we depend upon artists’ cooperation to keep traffic moving at a pace that will allow everyone equal time to set-up. We ask that upon arrival at your booth location you unpack then move your vehicle before you start set-up. Artists will be responsible for hand carting in additional merchandise after the designated load in time.

Note: You may have your own logo tent (with appropriate weights, etc.), and it is not required to be white.