Stephie Rae

2015-02-15 14.34.00Doc Stephie Rae is an award winning singer, songwriter, acoustic guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, performing artist, and music therapist. She is an independent Americana artist performing as a soloist, and with her duo, trio and band, and hosting Songwriter Spotlights. Stephie Rae writes with the intention to raise the vibration level of consciousness, uplift spirits, soothe souls, and heal hearts. She tunes in natural universal resonant healing frequencies rather than standard tuning, to maximize the healing properties of her music’s good vibrations. She finds singing and writing music to be very therapeutic for both the writer and the listener, working with schools, hospice and as a long term member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Music Industry Association.

Doc Stephie Rae has also been enhancing quality of life by providing holistic chiropractic services since 1998, re-connecting spirit, mind and body from pre-birth to babies to boomers and beyond! She is a mobile Peak Performance Chiropractor for performing artists, athletes, crews, corporations and families. Doc Stephie is certified in pediatrics and provides intuitive Chiropractic Care in studio, home, office, and on site, set, stage, and tour.

Staying true to her creative and holistic purpose, Doc Stephie Rae designed beautiful healing jewelry, SRG Clef Chakra Pendant, to promote natural healing properties found in the earth and universe with 10 pure gemstones set in non-tarnish Sterling Silver to activate and attune our chakra energy centers’ benefits, infused with her music’s natural universal frequencies to amplify the effectiveness of this powerful piece.

Doc Stephie Rae is a leader in her community, professions and organizations in the spirit of giving back and paying forward. She is a former Mayor of the City of Auburn, Georgia. She is also proud mother of one son who is lead guitarist, and singer and co-writer in Burn For Effect, an alternative rock band out of Auburn, GA 678-409-7823 Harmonious Heart Publishing SESAC

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