Kate Barnette

Raised in a small north-Georgia town, Kate began singing in church at the age of three. She soon discovered a passion for performing and did it everywhere she could – musicals, piano recitals, school talent shows, on her grandmother’s fireplace, etc. She experimented with learning several different instruments over the years including piano, trumpet, drums, banjo, and bass, but recalls picking up her dad’s acoustic guitar for the first time in middle school and falling in love. She began teaching herself and using it primarily as a tool for songwriting – one of her dearest passions. By the age of 18 Kate had written close to 100 songs, dropped out of school, and moved to Nashville to pursue writing. She now is 22 and living back home in Atlanta, where she plays music full-time. Her self-titled, debut album is scheduled to release FALL 2017, which include a collection of songs she has written and co-produced.

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