Jonathon Robins

“When he was in grade school, Jonathon Robins taught himself to sing on a toy karaoke machine. He practiced between the time he got home from school and the time his parents got home from work. At the age of twenty-two he entered and won a radio contest that landed him his first gig, singing the national Anthem to a crowd of 40,000 at an Atlanta Falcons football game.

He spent the next few years honing his songwriting and stage-craft by attending Atlanta’s best songwriter open mic nights at venues such as Eddies Attic (John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, the Civil Wars). During the day he worked on finding an online audience. After some trial and error he began building a fan-base on Youtube by posting live performances of cover songs in a variety of unconventional settings.

Jonathon’s musical style is rooted in classic soul music but often wanders into the realm of contemporary pop and country music. He finds what’s universal in his own story so he can better connect with his listeners.”

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