Larry Griffith

Larry Griffith Larry Griffith was brought up in the inner city of Cincinnati, Ohio by a single parent along with nine other siblings where Larry was saturated with the radio and vinyl record sounds of everything from blues, gospel, and soul, to jazz. In his teens, the family was able to upgrade to the Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati, which housed the legendary King Records. Seeing great artists in the neighborhood like Freddie King, Bill Doggett, Hank Ballard, Ivory Joe Hunter and even the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown was an ordinary occurrence and Larry’s first recording sessions as a drummer occurred here. Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys had a profound effect on Larry and he fell in lifelong love with the lyrical phasing of John Coltrane. Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s, Larry discovered then quickly became immersed in the thriving Atlanta blues scene becoming one of the top drummers in the region. Then in the early 2000’s, encouraged by a dream he had, Larry learned to play guitar and that allowed him to forge an alliance between his rich, eclectic song writing story telling style which included elements of blues, country, soul and rock with his gumbo approach to guitar and his highly engaging live stage performance. The result? You’ll have to check that out for yourself.


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