Bruce Evers

Bruce EversThe musical journey started when I moved to Chicago. In Chicago, I began to write songs to express my emotions and found passion in music. It wasn’t soon before my original song catalog grew a bit and I went around to open mics performing songs, some that were written the same day. I crafted my own brand of eccentric blues/folk music. The opportunity and musical community in Chicago was so warm, passionate and welcoming – that it was the only place I felt like I was myself. Dark times would come over me, and songs dug my way out through the tunnels I buried myself in, only to then share those same songs with the world. I’d have the feelings come through me again every time I sang the song again. I was in several stints, like the Diced Tomatoes and Neopath. As things changed in my life, and I ended up relocating to Atlanta, songwriting was always my anchor.

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