Blue Roads

Mr. Blue Roads “Home Grown Atlanta Music Icon” band Hard Times was the first band formed/ and was rooted out of Atlanta.Ga. Plenty of television exposure with Hard Times led Mr. Blue Roads to George Jones. The wheels were set in motion. His travels developed his sound of “Southern Rock Grit, Out Law, Country & Raw to the Bone Blues” He is a believer of “being true to your Music” ; Having known the Greats in his travels with George Jones and other Country Royalty such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, Dolly, Loretta, Faith Hill, Vince Gill, to the solid ground sound perfections of Jackson Browne & Leon Russell , Kieth Richards to name only few of the many . Blue Roads sound is true life lived starting from the bottom . His expression “The Best Music Comes From The Bottom Up” feeling that you have to suffer and ride the road of all that life dishes out. The name ” Mr. Blue Roads ” is his portrait and identity. His sessions with the Greats of Nashville and CD Credits and Awards with George Jones are his roots and formation of his sound , a Southern Storm of sorts mixed with the Kings of Southern Rock in his showmanship on guitar and Southern Vocals of Rock Outlaw with a Soulful flavor of Blues that like his life are True and Raw to the Bone.